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Feel good about what you're serving 

"Deliciously sustainable and a labour of great love, a Marlborough Oyster is a salty fresh sip of the Marlborough Sounds" 

Kelli Brett, Cuisine Magazine 


“If there’s one thing I can’t walk past it’s a freshly shucked oyster, and one particular pile stopped me in my tracks on a recent trip down south. Twas a plateful of magical mollusks from Marlborough Oysters. They were plump, juicy, and incredibly clean both in looks and taste and I only had one question for the person serving them. “More please!””

Yvonne Lorkin, (Dish, NZ Herald)

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For all Marlborough Oyster lovers, 

Fresh all year round, complex in flavour and unbelievably tasty. Our oysters take a modern approach to growing, for something fresh, delectable, and oh so moreish, buy our Marlborough Oysters. 

Premium, export quality, Marlborough Oysters are now available fresh from the Marlborough Sounds to your door, just in time for Xmas!

Our oysters will be delivered to you in poly bins with ice packs.


Please Note:  All orders are weather dependent.  If we can't supply your oysters, we will contact you as soon as we can and offer you a credit or refund.  

Orders close each Monday at 4pm for delivery each Friday.  Delivery available to MARLBOROUGH ADDRESSES ONLY

– not available to rural addresses.

How to store your oysters

Wholeshell – keep oysters cup side down with a damp tea towel over them, store in warmest part of fridge, 5-8 deg C is ideal.

Halfshell – keep refrigerated at 4 deg C or below.


How to OPEN your oysters

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