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We are Marlborough Oysters


Grown through an innovative and sustainable process, Marlborough Oysters can be enjoyed year round.

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“Best Oysters Ever!”

- John Van Tongaren

“Marlborough Oysters are the only wholeshell oysters we would buy” - Jennifer Joslin

“Got some of your oysters the other day and they were amazing”

- Nicki Douglas


What is Marlborough Oysters 

About Us

Our Oysters are farmed specially through FlipFarm's innovative technology. With the hatchery production method used, Marlborough Oysters can be enjoyed all year round. Not only are Marlborough Oysters innovatively grown, they're a culinary sensation. Marlborough Oysters are grown in very deep, high-salinity water, rather than tidal mud-flat areas, so they have a very clean finish. ​

Find out more about the unique and innovative way we farm our Oysters on our FlipFarm website.


How to enjoy Marlborough Oysters

our distributors

Our distributors service cafes and restaurants nationwide. Keen to serve Marlborough Oysters at your establishment? Contact your nearest distributor to secure your supply.

Meant to be shared

Marlborough Oysters are meant to be shared and enjoyed all over New Zealand. If you want to know which restaurants stock Marlborough Oysters you can check them out here

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From our haven to yours

From marlborough, New zealand

Farmed in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds just 30 minutes from our back door, we are proud to supply you with fresh, local and sustainable produce.


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Hot off the press

"I never ate oysters, never liked oysters - but now i'm a total convert. I love the freshness, quality and beautiful sweetness of your oysters."

Written by DISH Magazine

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